World-leading innovation for Europe

The first of its kind worldwide, the European Aviation Network combines high capacity satellite coverage with a complementary 4G LTE ground network to provide high-speed coverage across all 27 European Union states, plus the United Kingdom, Norway and Switzerland. Designed specifically for high traffic flight paths and busy airport hubs, the network delivers over 50Gbps capacity, ensuring a reliable, in-the-air as on-the-ground broadband service, supporting streaming and other high bandwidth requirements.

Transforming passenger experience, driving operational efficiency and opening new revenue streams for its customers, the European Aviation Network gives Europe’s aviation industry an edge over the rest of the world.

Flexible and scalable

With European air traffic forecast to double over the next decade, the European Aviation Network is designed to grow capacity to match accelerating demand. Initially combining Inmarsat’s multi-beam S-band satellite with approximately 300 Deutsche Telekom ground towers, it’s easily and cost-effectively scalable. Bandwidth multiplies rapidly by increasing the number and density of towers. So as other offering may struggle to match the pace of change, this network has Europe covered.

Lower cost of operation

On board, an economical equipment package is available for every aircraft type. Planes will carry terminals to connect with both the satellite and ground network to ensure seamless transition. With low installation and maintenance costs, and ultra-lightweight, low drag antennae, it all adds up to a solution that is highly cost effective.

A partnership of innovators

The European Aviation Network project is a unique multi-national initiative. It’s the result of a partnership between two of Europe’s most innovative companies – Inmarsat and Deutsche Telekom – both recognised experts in connectivity services.

To find out more about the world-leading high-speed broadband solution designed for Europe’s busy airspace – download our EAN Overview.