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A World First For Europe. Built By Europe.

The world-leading connectivity solution that’s tailormade for Europe’s busy airspace.

A revolutionary network developed to meet the particular requirements of European skies. The first of its kind worldwide, the European Aviation Network combines satellite coverage with a complementary air to ground network to deliver cost effective, scalable capacity precisely where it’s needed across all 28 EU states. Developed in partnership with Deutsche Telekom, the network will give European aviation a global advantage.

  • World’s first integrated satellite and air to ground connectivity network
  • High speed in-the-air as on-the-ground Wi-Fi
  • High capacity, low operating costs, pan-European coverage
  • Guaranteed minimum data rate to all aircraft
  • Easily scalable to expand with demand

European Aviation Network inflight broadband wins coveted German Innovation Award

Inmarsat and Deutsche Telekom’s next-generation solution recognised for revolutionising Wi-Fi onboard flights across Europe.

Image of Rocket Launch

How does an Ariane 5 measure up against an Airbus A320?

We’re using an Ariane 5 rocket to launch our European Aviation Network satellite into space. The satellite will sit in orbit for the EAN, enabling even …

Picture of Ariane 5 Launch

8 fascinating facts about an Ariane 5 rocket launch

Later this year, an Ariane 5 rocket will take our newest EAN satellite up into orbit above the Earth. That, in itself, is amazing for both us and our …

Picture of a plane taking off

Inmarsat’s European Aviation Network takes flight

Inflight testing of the European Aviation Network (EAN) got off to a flying start in November 2016 with its first airborne connection.

Picture of a plane in flight

European Aviation Network

The European Aviation Network gives Europe’s aviation industry an edge over the rest of the world.

Picture of Ariane 5 Rocket Launch

Inmarsat to launch EAN Satellite with Arianespace

Arianespace is set to launch Inmarsat’s EAN satellite in 2017. This will deliver inflight Wi-Fi to Europe’s airline passengers. Since 1980, Arianespace has …

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