The fastest connectivity service. Made for European skies.

The European Aviation Network is an unrivalled solution created from the alliance of advanced technologies and the combined satcom, terrestrial, avionics, IFS and service delivery expertise of some of the most innovative companies in Europe. It has been specifically designed to deliver both high capacity and ubiquitous coverage for this challenging region:

  • Fastest service in Europe, with up to 100Mbps bandwidth to the aircraft and the lowest latency in the market
  • Installation time of only 7 hours, aircraft spend 80% less time on ground than with competitive solutions
  • Ultra-lightweight, low drag equipment means 3 times less fuel impact than any other system in the region
  • Incremental bandwidth added in months rather than years and new markets added instantly

With the lowest total cost of operations in Europe, airlines can achieve the highest ROI possible, Fast.

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